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Photo Thumbnail Indigenous community member (left) teaches another community member how to record data concerning their community forest in the Bolivian Amazon. Guarayos, Bolivia. M03
Credit: Kristen Evans Tags: rural, data, Amazon
Photo Thumbnail Who is in the lead? Colombia. M04
Credit: Javier Diaz Tags: maps, technology, data
Photo Thumbnail Adding geocoded data on a map. Pando, Bolivia. M09

Credit: Kristen Evans Tags: rural, data, map
Photo Thumbnail Community researchers Stanley Kurumbong, Jenny Sanem and Jiloris Korut record GPS points of key resource-harvesting areas in the forests of Buayan-Kionop. Crocker Range, Sabah, Malaysia. M09

Credit: Raymond Sipanis, Global Diversity Foundation Tags: rural, GPS, data
Photo Thumbnail Map shows the different forest types of Buayan-Kionop according to Dusun classifications. M01
Credit: Pacos Trust in collaboration with Global Diversity Foundation and the local community Tags: rural, map, data
Photo Thumbnail Park Ranger Jolumin Sipail marks the rivers and tributaries on the 3D model of Buayan-Kionop. Sabah, Malaysia. M10

Credit: James Wong, Global Diversity Foundation Tags: rural, P3DM, data
Photo Thumbnail Participatory 3D modelling exercise. Bale, Ethiopia. M10

Credit: Million Belay, MELCA (Movement for Ecological Learning and Community Action) Tags: P3DM, data, gender