Genre: Educational
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Localisation, Participation and Communication: an Introduction to Good PGIS Practice

Duration: 15:00
Recommended for use in: M01, M06

The practice of participatory geospatial information management and communication is increasing in popularity. It is used to help indigenous, marginalised, and other groups of people to support change based on their own needs. It provides many actors in society a powerful blend of practice and technology. Nonetheless, with its practice comes the need for responsible planning and use. This video is an introduction to a Training Kit published by CTA and IFAD to support the spread of good practice in generating, managing, analysing and communicating spatial information. ... more.
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Giving Voice to the Unspoken

Duration: 22:35
Recommended for use in: M10

This 21-minute video produced in 2001 shows the hands-on aspects of Participatory 3D Modelling (P3DM). The video supports all practical aspects of P3DM described in the resource book "Participatory 3-Dimensional Modelling: Guiding Principles and Applications" and documents in detail an exercise conducted within the Pu Mat National Park, a protected area in Vietnam. The video provides background on the development of a method in South-east Asia in the mid 1990s as a complement to technology-depended Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and offers visual guidance on how to assemble participatory 3-dimensional models at village level. It also explains the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the model. ... more.
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Tracking in the Cyber Age

Duration: 7:33
Recommended for use in: M09

This eight-minute video on CyberTracker covers a number of ways in which geospatial information technology (GIT) can be used in the contexts of development and conservation. In addition it highlights how GIT can add value to indigenous peoples’ knowledge systems and how this can have important applications in protected areas and collaborative natural resource management. The video has been produced as part of the project "Support the spread of good practice in generating, managing, analysing and communicating spatial information". CyberTracker is an open-source software developed in South Africa by CyberTracker Conservation, with financial support initially provided by the European Commission. It can be installed on a Global Positioning System (GPS) -enabled hand-held device such as a Personal Digital Assistant or a Smartphone to collect geo-referenced data with detailed digital notation. It is a highly efficient way to gather large quantities of geo-coded field observations at a speed and level of detail not possible before. CyberTracker allows users to customise the interface to meet data collection needs. Screen designs can combine text and icons to optimise efficiency and customisation. The CyberTracker icon interface was originally designed for trackers who could not read or write. Nowadays all users, including scientists and conservationists, are benefitting from the icon-based interface because it enables much faster data entry. ... more.
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We Want Change: Participatory Video as a Tool for Advocacy

Duration: 9:45
Recommended for use in: M14, M15

This video features examples of how participatory video has been used by InsightShare for direct advocacy with various communities around the world. It includes examples taken from their capacity-building trainings with partners in Indonesia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and the United Kingdom. ... more.
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Training in Participatory Video

Duration: 11:05
Recommended for use in: M14

This video demonstrates some of the participatory video (PV) methods taught by InsightShare as part of their capacity-building trainings designed to build PV skills for illiterate or literate groups. The film also reflects their core values: "mistakes are great", "each one teach one" and the importance of fun as part of the PV process! ... more.
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Introduction to Participatory Video

Duration: 8:45
Recommended for use in: M14

This video is essential for anyone interested in learning more about participatory video and how InsightShare has used this method to enable various groups to tell their own stories in their own words. It describes the basic participatory video process, decision-making stages and community-based screenings and how to use the resulting video messages as advocacy tools for a variety of audiences. ... more.
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What is Participatory Video?

Duration: 3:14
Recommended for use in: M14

This simple animation created by InsightShare ( explains the process and ethos behind the participatory video methodology, as practised by InsightShare in its various projects around the world. Using simple drawings reminiscent of the storyboards created by participants, the process of community-authored video for change is detailed from conception to creation and beyond. ... more.