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Interview with Dr. Mike McCall on training in Participatory GIS practice

Duration: 8:03
Recommended for use in: M03

In this interview, Michael McCall from Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation of the University of Twente, Netherlands, argues that there is clearly a demand for capacity building in Participatory Geographic Information Systems (PGIS). Communities value it for claiming lands, managing resources, resolving conflicts, and recording their cultural landscapes. Training institutions understand this demand through intermediaries such as community-based organisations and local schools. PGIS is at a strong juncture because hardware and software are progressing quickly in terms of availability, user-friendliness and transparency. However, training is not merely a matter of technology, but of exchanging ideas amongst users and trainers on effective and acceptable applications. The challenges facing PGIS are not unique: Who in the community participates in mapping? Who chooses the participants? New information is generated and may be disseminated into the public domain, but some are reluctant to share it for good reasons. Thus, the heart of the PGIS ethic is: Who controls, and who is sharing? ... more.