Recommended for use in Module M15
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Reviving Our Culture, Mapping Our Future

Duration: 12:40
Recommended for use in: M06, M08, M15

This video tells the story of a special gathering in Venda, South Africa and a community process in eco-cultural mapping. Indigenous leaders from Altai (Russia) and the Colombian Amazon and NGO representatives from Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa accompany the Tshidvizhe community as they explore a simple yet powerful way to express the past and present of their territory and livelihoods onto hand-drawn maps. The maps highlight the importance of their culture, sacred sites and territory, and empower them to map the future towards which they need to strive. Production: The Gaia Foundation, African Biodiversity Network, Mupo Foundation and the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation ACP-EU (CTA). ... more.
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Interview with Steve deRoy about the role of networking and communication in PGIS practice

Duration: 3:55
Recommended for use in: M15

In this interview, Steven DeRoy, Research Associate/GIS Specialist, Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER), Canada, describes the power of networking and the importance of integrating this practice into the daily realm of Participatory Geographic Information Systems (PGIS). These professional exchanges create an opportunity for practitioners to share ideas and approaches to solve common challenges. Maps also play a vital role in communicating ideas amongst different parties and for advocating change in current affairs. ... more.
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Knowledge and Cultural Transmission in Kenyan Participatory Mapping

Duration: 4:37
Recommended for use in: M10, M15

In this five-minute interview, Dr. Nigel Crawhall, Director of Secretariat at the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC), a pan-African network, elaborates on intergenerational ecological knowledge transmission in participatory three-dimensional modelling (P3DM). Crawhall discusses his observations on intergenerational interaction when the Ogiek community of Nessuit, Kenya built a geo-referenced model of their mountain forest landscape in 2006. ... more.
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We Want Change: Participatory Video as a Tool for Advocacy

Duration: 9:45
Recommended for use in: M14, M15

This video features examples of how participatory video has been used by InsightShare for direct advocacy with various communities around the world. It includes examples taken from their capacity-building trainings with partners in Indonesia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and the United Kingdom. ... more.