The Training Kit is available on DVD and online. All Modules and Units include a description and quantification of the materials and equipment needed for their delivery.

The components of the Training Kit are available in the following formats:

  • text documents: MS Word 2003 or PDF;
  • presentations: MS PowerPoint 2003;
  • spreadsheets: MS Excel 2003;
  • multimedia: mpg, mp4, mov and avi;
  • still images: jpg/jpeg.

The DVD can be used on personal computers running most versions of Windows, Apple Mac or Linux operating systems. Text and images will display properly at 1024x768 screen resolutions or above. The CD is compatible with a wide range of older and newer browsers, though best results will be obtained with Internet Explorer 7 or 8, Firefox 3 or above, Chrome or Apple Safari. Javascript must be enabled.

On a Windows system, the CD will start automatically if the “autorun” option has been enabled. On Mac or Linux systems, open the CD in the File Manager and click on the file “index.html”.

Other needed software includes the following: MS Office 2003 or above, OpenOffice 3.0 or above and Acrobat PDF reader 6.0 or above. Adobe Acrobat reader, VLC media player and OpenOffice 3.2 are included for installation.

Updated versions of the software can be downloaded online from the following sites: