Module M14 - Documentation

Unit M14U06 - Fundamentals of Audio Recording


This Unit outlines some of the fundamentals of audio recording and explains what to do and what not to do, including the steps to take to ensure that the end result is a clear and audible recording. It includes a discussion of the kinds of events that are most effectively represented through the medium of an audio recording. The Unit elaborates on the process of organising and storing audio data and making use of audio recordings for PGIS projects.

Unit objectives / expected outcomes

After the completion of the Unit the trainee will be able to:

  • apply some essential audio-recording tips;
  • handle microphones;
  • generate audio recordings under various conditions that are clear and audible;
  • store recordings safely;
  • use audio recordings in participatory mapping projects.

Content outline, main topics covered and suggested sequencing

This Unit focuses on the topics listed below:

  1. Fundamentals of audio recording (PPT No. 1: Documentation: Fundamentals of Audio Recording) (1 hr)
  2. Exercise on audio recording (Exercise No. 1: Becoming Familiar with Your Audio-recording Device) (1 hr)

Components of the Unit


Handouts for Trainee (to be distributed in printed format):



½ day

Equipment needed

Computer and beamer, audio-recording devices – one for every two or three trainees

Additional downloads