Module M13 - Participatory Internet-based Mapping

Unit M13U02 - Creation of Online Maps


This Unit focuses on choosing tools, resources and data to be used for an Internet-based mapping project. Trainees are guided through the process of finding and selecting the most appropriate Web applications and using data that are freely available on the Internet. This includes locating and accessing relevant digital maps and other imagery.

The Unit demonstrates how to create a map so that trainees can become familiar with the tools and processes available at the time of writing this Unit (May 2009). Trainees are instructed on incorporating their own data, or data which have been created or presented by community members, into maps using the GeoWeb. Various ways to integrate data into online maps are demonstrated.

Unit objectives / expected outcomes

After the completion of the Unit the trainee will be able to:

  • choose the right tools for Internet-based mapping;
  • find Web applications;
  • retrieve maps and data from the Internet;
  • incorporate user-generated data;
  • create and maintain maps;
  • create a Web-based map with geotagged features, such as points of interest, photos and video.

Content outline, main topics covered and suggested sequencing

This Unit focuses on the topics listed below:

  1. Presentation of the different tools that are available for creating Internet-based maps and discussion of how to locate and access digital maps and the content that will be displayed on the map (PPT No. 1 and Q&A session and discussion) (1 ½ hrs)
  2. Process of creating an online map with trainees, using their own content (Exercise No. 1) (2 hrs)

Components of the Unit


Handouts for Trainee (to be distributed in printed format):

Handouts for Trainee (to be distributed in digital format)



½ day

Additional trainer resources

Equipment needed

One beamer, one computer for the trainer, a computer with Internet connectivity for every two participants. Software on computer should include a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, and Google Earth. Each participant should have a Google account.

Additional downloads