Module M05 - Enabling and Disabling Environments


This Module addresses the identification and analysis of factors that affect the implementation and outcomes of community processes that work with spatial information, especially participatory mapping. The factors can impact the process either negatively (disabling factors) or positively (enabling factors).

This Module also analyses whether such enabling or disabling factors are internal or external. External factors refer to the broader environment within which the analysed issue, situation or group is situated. Internal factors pertain to an organisation, a community, a group of people or staff engaged in a project with a participatory mapping component.

Finally, the Module exposes the trainees to a process to create a strategy and action plan that builds on enabling factors and addresses disabling factors. It recommends SWOT analysis as the tool for best identifying and evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that organisations and project implementers may face in projects with a participatory mapping component.

Module objectives / expected outcomes

After the completion of the Module the trainee will be able to discuss the significance of enabling and disabling factors for participatory mapping; discuss the relevance of legal and political frameworks; explain the role of social, economic, cultural and institutional factors at the local and community levels; and describe action planning in response to enabling and disabling factors.

Content outline and main topics covered


9 hrs

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