Module M04 - Community Groundwork and Processes


This Module covers aspects of the social and political context(s) within which facilitators and intermediaries are going to work. It is meant to provide the basics of community groundwork and processes. These include knowing how to identify entry points to any given community, build rapport, develop communication processes and mobilise and organise the community or community groups for participating in participatory mapping. The underlying hypothesis is that communities are not homogenous; intermediaries need to understand them in terms of how they are organised and their power and power relations. This understanding will provide facilitators and intermediaries with an opportunity to learn how best to interact and relate with local communities and structures and ensure equitable participation and informed decision making.

Module objectives / expected outcomes

After the completion of the Module the trainee will be able to analyse the complex relationships within communities and differentiate among meanings and types of participation. The trainee will also be able to discuss power and power relations as important factors for participation and outline a process that can be used for community ground preparation prior to participatory mapping.

Content outline and main topics covered


11 ½ hrs

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