Module M06 - Choice of Participatory Mapping Method based on Purpose, Environment and Resources


PGIS practitioners use a range of low- and high-tech geographic information technologies for acquisition, validation, analysis, representation and sharing of geo-spatial information.

This Module provides trainees with a framework for choosing the most appropriate mapping method to suit their needs.

There are a number of factors that influence the choice of one method over another - or the combination of more than one method. Factors include the purpose behind the initiative, the resources available and the institutional setting or environment.

There are also criteria for each factor against which a specific mapping method can be assessed.

Through a series of presentations, interactive question and answer sessions and exercises, trainees are exposed to the factors that should be considered when making decisions with respect to selecting mapping methods to fit specific contexts.

Module objectives / expected outcomes

After the completion of the Module, the trainee will be able to identify criteria for choosing participatory mapping methods and apply a decision-making process for selecting mapping tools to suit given purposes.

Content outline and main topics covered


6 ¼ hrs

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