About the Training Kit

The Training Kit has been developed with the objective "to support the spread of 'good practice' in generating, managing, analysing and communicating community spatial information".

Widespread use of the Training Kit, available online and on DVD, is expected to:

  • ensure that indigenous and marginalised communities participate in documenting, representing and communicating their spatial knowledge and land-related issues, while taking control over the processes involved. This would:
    • add value and authority to local knowledge;
    • facilitate intergenerational knowledge exchange;
    • build and support cohesive community identities;
    • support sustainable planning through collaborative decision making.

Use of the Training Kit will also raise awareness about ethics in the PGIS practice and will influence the attitudes and behaviours of the following groups:

  • technology intermediaries assisting vulnerable communities in asserting their rights;
  • researchers performing action research;
  • government officials calling for public inputs into spatial planning exercises;
  • development agencies that are designing development projects.

Obviously, there are external factors (e.g. the presence or absence of enabling environments) which will influence the attainment of the project objective (see Module M05).

Beyond the project rationale, Modules and Units have their own objectives which, for ease of understanding and measurement, are formulated as learning outcomes.

This product has been developed by adopting and adapting the ItrainOnline “Multimedia Training Kit (MMTK)” approach.

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