Module M01 - Introduction to the Training Kit


This Module introduces the trainer and the trainee to the main topic of this Training Kit – Participatory Spatial Information Management and Communication. It presents the project’s rationale which led to its production, and explains how it has been designed for use in face-to-face workshops. It describes the Training Kit’s modular structure and how its building blocks can be "mixed and matched” to assemble a tailored curriculum. The Creative Common licensing scheme upon which the content can be used and republished is introduced. This Module also includes one Unit about how to support the adoption and improvement of the Training Kit and how users can keep in touch with peers over the Internet.

Module objectives / expected outcomes

After the completion of the Module the trainee will be able to describe the basics of participatory geographic information systems (PGIS) practice, explain rationale and use of the Training Kit, promote the Training Kit and recommend steps for its future updating.

Content outline and main topics covered


3 hrs

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