Module 14 - Documentation


Fundamental to the success of any PGIS project is the integrity of the process by which the map evolves and the information that substantiates it.

It is therefore important that practitioners:

  • exercise care in documenting the steps that facilitate the creation of a participatory map;
  • ensure that the process of collecting local spatial knowledge is sound.

This Module focuses on the methods and tools of documentation and how the appropriate application of these tools can enhance the processes for participatory mapping activities. It consists of six Units, including an introduction to documentation, a review of interview techniques and note-taking procedures, practical lessons on the fundamentals of participatory video, picture taking (Photo Voice), audio recording and evaluating the mapping programme and the collected data.

Module objectives / expected outcomes

After the completion of the Module the trainee will be able to plan activities which document the process and local spatial knowledge; to demonstrate requirements related to documentation, such as receiving prior consent and obtaining release forms; to distinguish between different interview techniques and design an interview schedule; to deploy basic skills related to video recording and editing, photography and audio recording; to explain the importance of receiving evaluative feedback from community members and to design a framework for achieving this.

Content outline and main topics covered


3 ½ – 4 days

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