Video: Giving Voice to the Unspoken

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Title: Giving Voice to the Unspoken

Summary: This 21-minute video produced in 2001 shows the hands-on aspects of Participatory 3D Modelling (P3DM). The video supports all practical aspects of P3DM described in the resource book "Participatory 3-Dimensional Modelling: Guiding Principles and Applications" and documents in detail an exercise conducted within the Pu Mat National Park, a protected area in Vietnam. The video provides background on the development of a method in South-east Asia in the mid 1990s as a complement to technology-depended Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and offers visual guidance on how to assemble participatory 3-dimensional models at village level. It also explains the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the model.

Producer: ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity, Philippines
Director: Giacomo Rambaldi
Source language: English; Subtitles: none
Genre: Educational
Duration: 22:35
License: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported
Recommended for use in Module(s): M10
File Format: mpg

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